About MONAS!

Indian-born Mona Takyar has been working from Glen Eden since she arrived here six years ago. She has a reputation for being one of the fastest threaders in the business. An upper lip takes her two minutes and no appointment is needed, although she advises those coming from a distance (she has clients from Remuera and further afield) to phone and make sure she's there before the trip.

One woman who spent years having her chin and upper lip treated with electrolysis and laser hair removal now swears by Takyar, all for $4 for a few minutes every few weeks.

She also does eyebrows for $5, a full face for $10, as well as waxing, facials, hairdressing and lash extensions with human hair for $25.

Okay, that's slightly over the $20 budget we've set ourselves, but incredible value. And she can do a Brazilian in 10 minutes for a mere $30.

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